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It was so difficult now a days to find Cyber Cafe guys….Why Cyber Café ? aaree dost… Supreme Court has cancelled the license of MTS broadband, and I was esteemed customer of MTS Broadband, hhhaha... Today I am somehow managing to post from Cyber Café after hunting an half an hour…and now here we go with my experience…………………..

I was working in my office. In my office, Gmail is comes under block sites hence I had not checked my mail and till I check, all the seats were just near to full. Only 7 seats were left. Immediately with no second thought I registered for it. Then I checked whoever is coming in the attendee list. Initial registrations were purely dominated by women power. Then suddenly I thought whether this is for all or for women’s only since it is little for women’s sort of topic. Mans hardly use the creams and does not carry umbrella. Then I quickly gone to first page but no such thing was mentioned and further I checked attendee list and once I saw the man registrations then I feel relaxed. Daily I have to walk from Andheri Station to my job place which nearly took 25 minutes. Every day I have to do sun bath before reaching to my office. I was looking for little and small solution and here it was how I met the Sun. Unfortunately this time also my boss gave me immediate instruction to go Hyderabad due to official emergency. Last meet at Times of India – Mumbai for Women I missed due to Hyderabad trip only.

Now I was in confused stage whether I should say to my Boss for postpone the work by one day or I should cancel my registration this time also for Neutrogena IndiBlogger meet.  Till a day before meet, it was not yet fixed for attainment of event. Then also there was little hope inside and my six senses instructed me not to cancel the registrations. At the end of day just before the meet, Boss said that the assignment has been postponed by one week. I was so happy and excited and I was proud on my six senses…hahhaha

Now one more reason was to attain the meet is to meet my special friend with whom I had chat in IndiBlogger by mail but never meet before.

Now the day came for what I was waiting for. I was so excited. I get up at early morning 7.00 am instead of my regular time at 11.00 am on holidays. Actually the first contest was already started at midnight of 7th April. I just saw the mail where blogger have to tweet ‘ Anything under the Sun’ and the lucky blogger will win Nokia Lumia 620. I have posted my tweet and left the home to reach the venue Hotel JW Marriott. I had taken help of MAP which was there in IndiBlogger page provided. It was very useful and I didn’t found any difficulty. Accordingly I reached at Mumbai’s Prime area JW Marriott. It was my going to first experience in this hotel and my click now started from the gate itself.

There was warm welcome after entering in to hall as usual by lovely IndiBlogger attendees. It always feels very special when someone gives a nice smile with warm welcome. This meet was my second. This time I was not nervous as I was there at my first meet.  Infact, this time I was more open to whomever mets. IndiBlogger meets realized me that being friendly is not so difficult.

I confirmed my registration by entering email id in laptop at the entrance. There was mini umbrella was provided on which we have to write the name and it has putted on a Jar. I knew that it will definitely pertaining to any game. I wrote my name on mini umbrella. The whole place was shining with the yellow ambiance like Yellow umbrella, Yellow lighting, Yellow banners, Yellow decorations and others. All the ladies from Neutrogena including gorgeous anchor was in bright yellow. After entering into I was searching for my special friend but she did not found then I think she might have cancelled.
Huge conglomeration of people from my blogging community with lot of excitement, chat and fervor going on the atmosphere. Our beloved host Anoop Johnson now started with re-shuffling and ice breaking the groups was seated already settled and every table should have atleast 2 male and 2 female. Intention of this game was very clear that known person should not seat together. Everyone was supposing to seat with the people to whom they don’t know. It has given better chance to interact with new blogger fellow.

Mini umbrella was provided to us in Jar and we have to take one mini umbrella. Someone’s name was written on it. The game was that we have to find that person and have to interact and need to understand more about the person, interest, blog and other. I did not able to found my partner but one lady found me since my name was there in her mini umbrella. Early partner got prize. Then every one settled down at their respective place.

After that, name was coming on-screen whoever, and the finder were suppose to introduce to all bloggers let say for a minutes. Whoever introduces in well manner with more information’s will get a prize. There was one girl who gets her own name on mini umbrella and got the prize. Every one introduced one other, in this manner we got information’s about other Bloggers to. It was fun loving game.

In the next round, groups have to seat based on the number of holes in mini umbrella we had. In my umbrella there were 3 holes, I searched my group and seated accordingly. Suddenly when I saw just next to me, my special friend was seated. She didn’t recognized but I had. (In Background I thought girls never remember boy why boy always remember girl, Jane de chod) But then also i dared myself to introduce with her which usually I am not. But I got less chance to interact with her. The game was to sing a song on the theme of Sun since it was ambience of a Neutrogena brand and have to choose team name. Our group leader was Mr. Sri Ram. We have declared the team name as “Sun Key” and sing a song “Suraj ki dharti se ….” as our anthem. Since it was old song and some sort of Bhajan, our anchor did not knew that song..hahha..and finally didn’t won the contest but we have enjoyed the anthem of other groups. 

Next game was based on the Battle of titans. Hahhha…..We had been provided with umbrella having big halls and punching ball. One group have to throw the ultraviolet balls in the holl of umbrella and the other have to protect themselves. It was declared that whoever group throw maximum ball on the other group will win. The groups were divided. We have converted our group in to Killas with the help of umbrella and only 5 balls were passed and we had thrown around near to 30 balls I guess on the opposite team. Finally, it was declared that the maximum protection of the group will be the Winner and winner was declared by other group. Unlikely, actually my focus was on other side hence I did not know how much balls they have been protected. Might be they have protected less than we had protected i.e. 5 balls. The actual concept of behind game was that with usage of general skin care products, our skin is not fully protected from the Ultraviolet ray. There is always leakage which is not protected by the general skin care products due to which radiation pass through the skin and this is where Neutrogena is providing strong protection as compared to others.     

There were other game played with the same group and I also made friendship with other fellow Blogger. It is always be pleasant to meet colorful peoples.

Now it was time of Pet Pooja. Actually it was very much necessary to me since I had not taken lunch from home due to curiosity to reach the venue on time. But it was worth it. Food was really awesome. Proper partition   between veg and non-veg food. As I am vegetarian, I was more concerned about that. Having petis, sanwichs, and to much. I also meet other blogger who had meet at my first blogger meet at HP Music Connected at Bandra. It was feeling very nice to chat with them.

As the there was pics of Prachi Desai on the poster of Neutrogena, i thought she will come as guest appearance however when it was announced that Tara Shrama I was excited too. She was very kind and introduced about her blog which is based on the motherhood experience while growing child, show and Neutrogena. She was looking gorgeous in yellow and no one can say that she has two children. It was feeling very nice that she also belongs to Blogger community. There were question answers round with her. Initially everyone was thinking what to ask, then questions raised and it was regularized later on due to excessive questions. Two prizes were distributed with the hands of Tara Sharma, one was to youngest blogger among us and other who has wears the anything in yellow.

Next was the time for introduction of unique features of Neutrogena which was conducted by Mr. Parekh, Dermatologist. He explained the additional features of Neutrogena and how it differs from the other cream in the market. The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen line features advanced, dermatologist-tested formulas with Helioplex Technology.  It was my first time experience to watch live test conducted by Mr. Parekh. There was question answer round. Every person was given a chance to ask doubt about the product and it was well answered. Whether this particular sunscreen provides protection against UVA ?, How many hours does the sunscreen needs to reapplies ? Whether the same can been applied for the Child having less than 3 years old ? Whether it is Water Proof or Water resistant? etc…..He explains about UVA and UVB and other terminology. UV radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that reaches the earth from the Sun. It was wavelengths shorter than visible light, making it invisible naked eye. These wavelengths are classified as UVA, UVB or UVC. Both UVA and UVB, however, penetrates the atmosphere and play an important role in condition such as premature skin aging, eye damage and skin cancers. UVA which penetrates the skin more deeply than UVB, which plays a major part in skin aging and wrinkling. It shows that UVA damages skin cells called keratinocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis. UVA is the dominant tanning ray while UVB is the chief cause for skin reddening and sunburn, tends to damage the skin’s more superficial epidermal layers. Its intensity varies by season, location, and time of day. Since both UVA and UVB are harmful, we require protection from both kind of rays. For effective UVA and UVB coverage, sunscreen should have an SPF of 15 or higher. Now what is SPF comes to mind. He explained SPF is Sun Protection Factor. Now a days modern sunscreen’s efficiency has been measured by its Sun Protection Factor. It indicates how long it will take for rays to redden skin when using sunscreen. The Skin Cancer Foundation maintained that SPF of 15 or higher is necessary for adequate protections.

With such heavy terminology have drastically impacted on my mind. The whole atmosphere was converted into serious matter except the some people whole felt boring. I enjoyed a lot especially when the matter of knowledge comes.
Anoop has announced the BIG Contest winner, one Nokia Lumia went to one girl (name I don’t remember) who tweeted about “Anything under the Sun”.

Now it was time to Hand shake. I was not aware much about this. A small clip played on the screen and one boy agreed to dance as volunteer wearing Neutrogena mask. Dance was simply awesome. Everyone was provided with Pop. Actually I did not received anything so used Waterbottle…hahah…Now it was time to hand shake on the stage by group of peoples and but we have also enjoyed off the stage. The fever of dance was on the air. Everyone on the enjoying music with ramp just like Disco. The meet was ending with the blast.

Now it was time to wind up the end of the day with group pics. I was searching for my special friend. Was just wanting to say that “ It was nice meeting u and ……”but I could not find her. 

Various gifts were distributed in games conducted but unlucky I did not won anything in any contest yet.  But no prob. It does not let my spirit down. At the end of the day, I was taking with me new friendship, meet with special friend, most memorable movements, IndiBlogger T-Shirt, Neutrogena Product kit and get to know about Neutrogena. 

How many of us know about the Neutrogena??. Hardly someone including me.. I have done little R&D and since I was going to use so I decided to know more about this and here it is …

I thought it is new Company. I don’t use the skin cream anytime before so was not knowing much.

Actually, 1930 the founder Emanuel Stolaroff started cosmetic company called Natone.  In the early years, Natone was a supplier to beauty salons usually associated with glamour of the film industry.

In 1940, Natone began manufacturing and distributing cosmetic for the retail market. Now in this era, Neutrogena was very famous in soap industries. With the help of Fromont’s patented formula produced a mild, clear soap that rinsed quickly and easily from the skin.

In 1967, when the key decision to promote the benefits of Neutrogena soap to the medical profession. The strong relationship between Neutrogena Corporation and Dermatologist gave the company an exceptional competitive advantage. As the Neutrogena brand gained a unique acceptance by the medical profession, a new emphasis was directed on research efforts to create a line of safe, mild, premium quality skincare products.

In 1973, the Company went public and by 1980, Neutrogena entered the hair care market. 

In 1994, it has acquired by Johnson & Johnson due to respect and credibility earned by Neutrogena Corporation.  

Neutrogena is Three-time Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner. Neutrogena was among the first in the US market to introduce sun protection in which Avobenzone was stabilized  DEHN, effectively providing better, longer protection from harmful UVa rays.   
Number of satisfied customer are increasing in the swing way. When you choose a sunscreen with the name Helioplex you can be certain that you are using one that was specially engineered to deliver superior  UV protection.
Now I am using the product and I must say that it is feels very effective. I loved the products and I would not have get knowledge about the UVA, UVB, Other radiations, SPF and so on if I would not have attended. It would not have possible without the IndiBlogger and Neutrogena …

It was a lovely event filled with appetizing Mediterranean cuisine and IndiBlogger team was as warm and enthusiastic as always, making the whole ordeal a fun experience. The feeling of the meeting, networking and most important bonding with the fellow blogger.
Thank  for everything…



  1. Yes..Full on enjoyment...........

  2. Looking great :)Recently I have attended my first meet in Chennai. It was so fun :) Indiblogger team always rocks !


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